ANC charges Makhosi Khoza with ill discipline


Ad hoc committee chairwoman Makhosi Khoza and her team are set to interview 14 candidates over a 16-hour period.




JOHANNESBURG - Charges have been leveled against ANC MP Makhosi Khoza.

The secretary general of the ANC in KZN, Super Zuma confirmed to eNCA that Khoza had been charged with ill discipline.

Khoza  had earlier told Huff Post SA that the ANC KZN Provincial Executive Committee had served her with a charge sheet related to ill discipline, and were basing the charges around certain of her statements as well as a number of her Facebook posts.

She also previously stated that she would not recognise the ANC KZN structure’s authority to discipline her while its legitimacy was being challenged in court.

Khoza and her family have been subjected to death threats since she called on President Zuma to step down

Last week, the ANC in KZN called for her to be charged.


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