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SPONSORED: Advances, in the last decade, have been made regarding our understanding of the role of the gastrointestinal tract microbiome regarding human health. The human gut, also known as the gastrointestinal tract is a complex system that starts from the oral cavity, continues through to the stomach, intestines and ends at the anus.

The human gut is a dynamic environment, estimated to be colonised by over 1014  bacteria, this is approximately 10 times more than the total number of cells in the human body. These bacteria are involved in a complex network of communication that is critical in supporting both parties, the host and microbe community.

Each one of us has a unique gut microbiome profile that is shaped in the early years of life. The moment we are born, we come into contact with microorganisms. Factors that influence our microbiome diversity are, amongst others delivery mode and infant diet. Over the years, the diversity and complexity of the gut microbiome may be altered by different life factors. Richness and diversity of gut microbiota shaped in early life characterize a healthy gut microbiota composition.

It is well established that the gut microbiome controls numerous physiological processes

Such as:

  • Regulate digestion along the gastrointestinal tract
  • Immune function against pathogenic (harmful) bacteria colonisation by inhibiting their growth
  • Prevent bacteria invasion by maintaining the intestinal epithelium integrity

It has also become clear the disruption of this dynamic environment, has significant consequences that can lead to gastrointestinal symptoms and diseases that impact our quality of life.

Probiotics are defined as live micro-organisms which when administered in adequate amount has various health benefits to the host, our body. Some probiotic benefits include: improved gut health, immune support, synthesis and improvement of bioavailability of nutrients, reduce in risk of certain diseases and symptomatic relief of lactose intolerance.

For probiotics to be effective, there are certain desirable properties it should demonstrate such as: survive variable pH environments, ability to proliferate and colonise its’ specific location, adhere to mucosal and epithelial surface and tolerate the immune system. The probiotic dose must also reach the minimum adequate concentration to deliver health benefits, which in general is 107 to 109 Colony Forming Unit (CFU) per daily dose.

PROBIFLORATM is a multi-strain probiotic supplement that helps with rebalancing gut microbiota to normalise digestive function. The probiotic dose of PROBIFLORATM meets the adequate CFU levels to balance your gut for a healthy gut. In fact, PROBIFLORATM strain, Adult Intensive Rescue and PROBIFLORATM strain, Infant Drops contain up to 50 x more and 10 x more probiotics respectively, in every dose when compared with other leading brands.

PROBIFLORATM has a full range of probiotic formulations suitable for the whole family. PROBIFLORATM makes GUT health as easy as A,B,C. Visit for more information.

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