ANC 'weak' on enforcing discipline: analyst

TK Pooe, from the Wits School of Governance, spoke with eNCA's Anlie Hattingh. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - President Cyril Ramaphosa is promising harsh action against ANC members facing serious allegations.

Ramaphosa said he and the party's top six, are finalising new guidelines to force members facing allegations to step away from their positions.

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The ANC's integrity commission has recommended that ANC Secretary-General and top six-member, Ace Magashule, step aside.

TK Pooe, from the Wits School of Governance, said the ANC Constitution, already gives the party the power to remove such members.

He said, "I think the politics of the day can't really be ignored, which is to say, the ANC, as it stands, is a very weak institution so the weakness of the institution is being manipulated by those."

"If you cannot abide by your own Constitution then really there's a much bigger problem... what happened in 2012 when rule 25 was used to expel the current EFF Commander in Chief: the ANC was very clear when it wanted to use rule number 25."

"Truth be told, what Julius Malema was accused of is really quite small compared to what many in the ANC who have been asked to step aside are currently doing," he said. 

"The ANC is very confused. They're very weak about enforcing discipline and one of the ways to check is to see how many laws did they make up in order to get to what really should be a very simple decision. The more laws there are the more it tells you there's confusion and basically no leadership."


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