SA surgeons duck and dive

April 22 - Fighting in Syria is drawing ever closer to a group of South African medical personnel working in that country.Bombs exploded just more than a 100 meters from where the Gift of the Givers team was supposed to have dinner last night. eNCA
Darkoush, Syria, April 19 – Footage recorded by anaesthetist Asab Bhorat shows South African doctors crouching mid surgery at the sound of gunfire outside the hospital in Darkoush, northern Syria. eNCA

Syria - A group of South Africans has survived unscathed after being caught in a crossfire in northern Syria.

The group of 43 medics is part of a Gift of the Givers team that's been saving lives, as fighting intensifies in the region.

This footage was captured by anaesthetist Asad Bhorat.  eNCA reporter, Yusuf Omar, has the story.

And for more on his journey, visit his blog at Yusuf Omar from Syria.




The Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) has received a complaint from the Economic Freedom Fighters after a party election advert was rejected by the SABC.
Nepalese guides on Mount Everest said they would abandon this year's climbing season to honour 16 colleagues killed in an avalanche last week.
The drunken driving trial of musician Arno Carstens is expected to resume in the Cape Town magistrate's court on Wednesday.

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