Telkom to cut thousands of jobs


Telkom logo.

JOHANNESBURG – Telkom says that it will be shedding almost 4,500 jobs.

The telecommunications company confirmed union fears on Tuesday when it announced that it will cut 4,400 jobs, while 3,400 employees will be "redirected" through outsourcing or business development, in a bid to ensure sustainability.

“We expect to exit around 3 400 staff but, importantly, Telkom will seek to retain these skills through outsourcing to other companies or through enterprise development,” said Telkom spokesperson Jacqui O’Sullivan said.

“The enterprise development option is where Telkom will seek to assist existing employees to develop their own new businesses. These businesses, which will be owned and managed by former Telkom employees, would then be able to contract their services back to Telkom along with any other service providers in this growing and competitive industry.”

Telkom embarked on a restructuring process earlier this year and is in its second year of its multi-year turnaround strategy.