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Jun 2014

Heads up! Winter's on the way

While some parts of South Africa have been feeling the effects of cooler weather in the last few weeks, up in the north, many have been left wondering when winter will finally make an appearance. Well, the wait is over, as a massive cold front, accompanied by a developing cut-off low, will sweep across the country over the next few days. Here’s a brief summary of what can be expected.   Wednesday 4th...
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May 2014

The Thirsty Sahara

How did rock paintings of people swimming, end up in a cave in the Sahara desert? These paintings, found thousands of years later in one of the driest regions on the planet, in more or less southwestern Egypt, aren’t the only indication of a water-rich and even green Sahara in past millennia. Some of the animals found in North African rock art include hippo, crocodile, giraffe, elephant and lion, animals...
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May 2014

Comrades 2014 Weather Forecast

Comrades; “The Ultimate Human Race”             All the work, all the preparation, the early mornings and incessant training comes down to just one day; Sunday June 1st. Anyone who has run or is about to run the grueling 89km race between Pietermaritzburg and Durban knows exactly what I’m talking about. In true form, my friends, colleagues, fellow runners and social media followers have been asking me the same two questions. Why...
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May 2014

The Hunt for New Earths

It wasn’t too long ago that the only known planets were our neighbours - the ones in the solar system. For hundreds of years, there had been speculation about the existence of planets orbiting other stars, known as extrasolar planets or exoplanets. Claims to the detection of exoplanets were all eventually disproved until 1992 when the discovery and confirmation of 2 such planets was announced. These planets were found to...
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May 2014

The Bermuda Triangle

Human nature is fascinating. Everyone has a theory. Or maybe just an opinion…. about almost anything and everything. What is it about our make-up that convinces us that the simplest, often most logical solution is the least plausible? Maybe it’s the mystery that captures our imagination? Or a desire to believe in something more? Or is it just a distraction from the humdrum of our daily existence?   Take the still-missing Malaysian...
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