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Apr 2014

Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon Weather Forecast (Friday & Saturday)

2 years ago it was the rain, last year was the wind, this years’ race will be defined by a different kind of monster; the heat. That’s right everyone. It’s official, we have ourselves a hot Two Oceans marathon coming up! Regardless of if you are running the International friendship run, the fun run(s), the trail run(s), the 21km or the Ultra, you’ll want to prepare yourself mentally and physically...
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Apr 2014

The History of Climate Modeling

Like I promised in my previous blog post (Climate Modeling: A Peek into the Future), here is the much-awaited blog post on the History of Climate Modeling! Yah Yah Yah, I know that the title sounds like “Yawn” but this blog post promises to be more exciting than “Shower Hour” on Big Brother. So, sit back, relax and enjoy learning about the History of Climate Modeling.  Trust me; it’s a great...
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Apr 2014

The Other Side of Climate Change

    Sometimes, studies challenge what is already widely accepted scientific knowledge. Results from a ground-breaking study have recently been released by researchers from the University of Cape Town (UCT), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the United Nations Development Programme. It involves the anthropogenic (human-induced) effects of climate change on the recent (2009-2011) flooding within the Okavango River Basin.     It is widely accepted amongst the scientific community (including the...
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Mar 2014

The lives of Pi, Riaan and Vasti

Crossing an ocean in a 7m long ROWING boat, reminds me of Yann Martel’s character Pi, who was stranded in his lifeboat out at sea for 227 days.  Riaan Manser & Vasti Geldenhuys are crossing a massive ocean (in this case, the Atlantic and not the Pacific) unsupported, in something close to, but a lot more advanced, than a life raft. Ultimately, their aim is to row from northwest Africa...
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Mar 2014

March Brings Heavy Rain and Floods

Since the start of March many parts of northern and eastern South Africa have been plagued by consecutive days of cloudy and wet weather. Not only has the rain been almost continuous for many areas but heavy downpours have also added to the misery. As a result, major flooding has been reported in Limpopo, Northwest, Gauteng, and Mpumalanga, not only causing significant damage to property but also taking several lives....
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Lebenya Nkoka of Lesotho secured a maiden victory in the 56km Two Oceans ultra-marathon in Cape Town on Saturday.
It appears the so-called poo protests are spreading in the Western Cape. This time round, its residents in Philippi who have used the tactic to demand basic services.
Nigerian military authorities have admitted that most of the 129 girls kidnapped by militia last week are still missing.

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